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Motorola 'returning' to India with the budget Moto G smartphone

Nov 14, 2013

New Delhi: After staying away from the Indian market for almost a year, Motorola has finally decided to re-enter the market with its recently unveiled budget Moto G smartphone. The company on Wednesday announced the launch of the Moto G that Motorola says will be available in the Indian market from January next year. Motorola though has not yet announced prices for the Indian market.

Motorola, with the view to streamline its business operations and support systems, had trimmed down its operations in India last year. And since then Motorola had not introduced any new phone in India until now.
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With the introduction of the latest Moto G, Motorola seems to be aiming at consumers in developing markets such as India. The company is betting that low-cost smartphones can provide the spark to rekindle its struggling business.

Considering its rollout plans, the company is targeting not only the emerging markets, but also the budget-conscious consumers in the western contries.

The Moto G phone starts at $179 in the US without a contract requirement. Contract-free prices for leading phones in the US typically exceed $600. The starting price is for a phone with 8 gigabytes of storage. Most phones have at least 16 gigabytes. Moto G costs $199 for a 16-gigabyte version.

Moto G will have a removable back to allow for customisation. Motorola's flagship Moto X also allows customisation, but it must be ordered in advance and can't be changed.


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